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British Federal Twin Head

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Stronghold welding machines set the standard for multi-purpose resistance welding equipment.  We now introduce the Twin Head Stronghold for even more versatility.

The Twin Head concept allows the machine to be tooled up for two different jobs especially useful for assemblies with multiple fastener types such as nuts and bolts, different size nuts or even a mixture of spot welding and projection welding.  This saves setup times and floor space, plus only one set of services (Power, Air and Water) is required saving again.

The Twin Head Stronghold can also be specified as an “in-line” version for robot cell applications again saving space and money allowing the work of two machines in one.

Manual versions can be fitted with PLC and HMI for additional process control such as for multiple weld fixtures with sensors / poke yoke

Stronghold can be fitted with a range of AC Weld Transformers (100 to 150kVA) or MFDC Transformers (100 to 250kVA) as well as a choice of Weld Controls and other options.

Options that can be added include –

  • High Lift and / or 160mm Air Cylinder
  • Single Phase AC or MFDC Weld Transformers
  • Water Flow Sensors
  • Water Chillers
  • Nut Verification System
  • Linear transducers for head travel position
  • Load Cell for Force verification