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Projection Welding Machines

Projection welding is a modification of spot welding – a potent resistance welding process.

Prospot offers a range of projection welders from brands including British Federal, CEA, and Serra. These machines allow operatives to choose welding tools, control the quality of welding, weld at high speeds and adapt the welding process to their applications.

Equipment is both application-specific and multi-purpose.  Some machines, such as the CEA PPN Linear Spot and Projection Welders are suitable for both spot and projection welding jobs. These machines are capable of performing the heaviest mass production joining functions.

  • Projection welding machines designed to weld together thick pieces of material
  • Resistance-based welding for exceptional fusion
  • Constant pressure and even-contact system for an exceptional finish
  • Products available from multiple manufacturers, including British Federal, CEA and Serra
  • Suitable for both smooth and embossed metal pieces

Microprocessors control the performance of machines, allowing for a high level of precision. Models also feature advanced safety controls and side buttons.

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