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Welding Automation

Robotic Welding Systems


Welding Automation and robotic welding systems cover the application of welding technologies and welding service technologies to produce and deliver welding solutions whilst minimising human intervention. Pre-programmed/automated robotic systems are designed and built to not only just speed up the welding process but also to increase workforce safety.

Automated and robotic welding systems have improved considerably in the last few years, allowing us to create super precise and quick systems that can operate on a singular basis, or as part as a cell, with multiple machines performing different tasks along the production line.

Our focus is on providing high quality, low risk, customised configurations to enhance productivity, and ROI.


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Welding Robot



Advantages of Automated & Robotic Welding


Welding automation solutions ensure weld integrity through electronic weld process controllers. Combining mechanised weld and part motions with electronic recall of welding parameters results in a higher quality weld than can be accomplished manually.

Semi-automatic weld systems, as well as fully automatic weld systems, increase output by eliminating the human factor from the welding process. Production weld speeds are set at a maximum by the machine, not by the operator. With shortened set up time and higher weld speeds an automated welding solution can easily outpace a skilled manual welder.

Automated machines make welds only once, meaning defects are readily visible and detectable eliminating the tendency to try to smooth over mistakes that may be created for a manual weld. In some cases, leak testing and vision systems can be integrated into fully automated systems to provide additional quality control.

Fully automated systems can utilise twin welding positioners and automated shuttles, enabling the loading and unloading of parts at one station whilst welding at another.

Weld consistency is also a function of the automated weld process controller and of the engineering of machine motions and weld cycles.

By combining all these functions and features together, ProSpot can create fully customisable and bespoke welding solutions, ensuring maximum efficiency and flexibility when it comes down to your welding needs across a range of industries and applications.


Recent Examples of our Automated Projects


Renewable Energy

ProSpot created a fully automated weld process across a renewable energy application.The final development product needed welds in in both the X and Y orientation whilst maintaining a constant but lessened weld pressure. The concept of the C-Frame Welder and the Weld Fixture both being mounted to servo-controlled linear axes allows the application of welds to any point within the X-Y fixture “window”. The latest Siemens fail-safe PLC control system, integrated servo drives connected on ProfiNET fieldbus gives a future proof Industry 4.0 capable control system. Specification can be AC or MFDC with a choice of fixed or rotating fixture heads. By automating the process the final cell mitigated the opportunity for weld failure due to operator error.


Exhaust Boxes

An urgent customer requirement to automate the welding of Exhaust boxes of both Petrol and Diesel combustion engine vehicles. The traditional welding solution was heavy in labour and unable to support the shape complexity of the redesigned product. Our twin seam welder solution was novel and hi-tech utilising weld monitoring, PLC control with programmable rotary and linear drives to handle the complex weld path and production variants. With bespoke tooling, auto-eject onto conveyors and simultaneous operator loading and machine welding, they optimised production speed and efficiency. The welders were given extensive diagnostics and control ready for Industry 4.0.



In a recent custom automotive project, space, labour and cycle time were the critical factors. We maximised the use of robots to bring the full welding process into a single cell. 3 ABB robots were kitted out with a Servo Controlled Short Cycle Stud Weld Gun with Auto Feed of the Weld Studs, a Serra Pneumatic AC Spot Welding gun controlled from a Serratron 100C weld timer, and a handling gripper – all operating around a two station rotary indexer. Operator labour was all but eliminated and the process was distilled into a 50% smaller footprint.


Fanuc robots operating in a cell – our bespoke location fixturing, fitted with pneumatic clamps and location pins, and fully 3D shimmable with automated sequenced loading of components due to hidden welds.


3 ABB robots are kitted out with a Ivostud Servo Controlled Short Cycle Stud Weld Gun with Auto Feed of the Weld Studs, a Serra Pneumatic AC Spot Welding gun controlled from a Serratron 100C weld timer, and a handling gripper – all operating around a two station rotary indexer

Ordering Automated Welding Solutions with Prospot


As the leading manufacturer and supplier of resistance welding machines in the UK, ProSpot has an unrivalled reputation for the concept, development and installation of custom / automated welding systems. Our ordering process is robust and ensures that our engineering and technical teams understand the key needs and requirements of your welding requirements.

First, for new welding projects, we need to establish the most appropriate welding / joining solution. To ensure the most appropriate solution, be that spot, seam, projection, tig, or clinch, it is important to establish what materials are involved, how components are positioned, access to the weld, and the complexity of part shape. Weld forces and control requirements will be established from the weld parameters once this key information is developed.

Customization and automation can be addressed once the weld criteria is established. Firstly, we break down your manufacturing process into transformation phases, establishing the key critical areas. In parallel, we distill our concepts to match your operational requirements such as cycle time,  reduction of labour, station footprint, and weld repeatability and integrity. We design 3d concepts for discussion and draw up solutions using Solidworks and E plan. As part of the evaluation process we are able to develop and test welds prior to process commitment to ensure the robustness and surety of the welding customization / automation. Our shop is fully equipped with development welders, destructive weld test and weld integrity/fault metering.

Prior to order, full timeline are produced and a dedicated project manager allocated to every project.


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