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British Federal – Heavy Duty Projection Welder – 400 PA3 / 600 PA3

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PA3 Heavy Duty Projection Welders are designed for high quality repetitive welding used in the mass production of component parts, where high production speeds and weld quality are important.  The fully automatic machine sequence combined with the use of custom-built tooling ensures accurate assembly of components is achieved even with unskilled operators.

The 400 and 600kVA weld transformers have water cooled, cast copper secondary windings and are fitted within a main frame.  At the rear of the transformer an off-load tap change switch is provided for coarse adjustment of the welding heat.

The moving head of the PA3 is mounted in precision built slides on the head extension and is operated using either a 250mm or 300mm diameter double acting air cylinder.  The upper head incorporates a fast follow through facility – essential for Projection Welding.  For more sophisticated applications, a low inertia, low friction upper head unit incorporating a light alloy slide mounted on roller guides is available as an optional extra.

The lower knee comprises a heavy section high conductivity casting with 'T' slot platen on the face plate. Vertical adjustment is by means of a screw jack giving a platen gap of between 145mm and 350mm. The platen size is 254mm x 254mm.

Options that can be added include –

  • Single Phase AC or MFDC Weld Transformers
  • Water Flow Sensors
  • Water Chillers
  • Linear transducers for head travel position
  • Load Cell for Force verification
  • Bespoke Tooling & PLC Control Systems
Technical Specifications 400 PA3 600 PA3
Continuous power Sp kVA 215 300
Max. short circuit power Scc kVA 1,245 1,700
Max. welding power Smax kVA 1,000 1,350
Nominal power @ 50% duty cycle S50 kVA 300 425
Nominal supply voltage U1n V 380/440 380/440
Continuous primary current at 100% DC I1p A 515 725
Supply frequency Hz 50 50
Supply phases 2 2
Supply Capacity kVA 750 1,000
HRC fuse size to BS88 A 560 800
Feed cable c.s.a up to 30m. Long (2 single cores) mm² 300 630
Max. short circuit primary current I1cc A 3,000 4,100
Max. short circuit secondary current 12cc A 80,000 100,000
Max. welding current 12 max A 64,000 80,000
Duty cycle for max. welding Xmax % 4.6 5
Continuous secondary current at 100% DC I2p A 14,000 17,000
Number of taps 6 6
Secondary open circuit volts U20 V 15.4-8.8 17.3-9.9
Weld cylinder diameter mm 250 250
Weld force min./max. with a 5.5 bar supply kN 7.5/27 7.5/27
Weld force min./max. with an 80 psi supply lbs 1700/6,150 1700/6,150
Weld cylinder stroke max. mm 100 100
Free air consumption for a 50mm stroke dm³ 42.3 42.3
Air pressure normal bar 5.5 5.5
Air pressure max. operating bar 7 7
Air connection/hose size BSP/in 1/2″BSP / 3/4″ 1/2″BSP / 3/4″
Cooling water min. operating pressure bar 3 3
Cooling water consumption lit./min. 30 30
Cooling water max. inlet temp. °C/°F 30/86 30/86
Cooling water connection/hose size BSP/in 1″BSP / 3/4″ 1″BSP / 3/4″
Shiping specifications machine weight 2,100 2,140
machine size 925W x 1450D x 1993H 925W x 1450D x 1993H

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