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Seam Welding Machines

Our range of seam welding machines include British Federal, Meritus, CEA, and Serra. Each brand’s product offers slightly different features and capabilities. Our welders are capable of both circumferential and longitudinal seam welding. Resistance seam welding works by joining multiple items in an assembly in a lap joint configuration by producing multiple overlapping spot welds.

• Produces a watertight seal for products such as fuel tanks and radiators
• AC and MFDC welders available
• Universal machines which can be setup for both Longitudinal and Circumferential welding
• A range of seam welding machines, including British Federal, Meritus, Serra and CEA
• Both circumferential and longitudinal seam welding capabilities are available
• Ideal for making cylindrical products in Mild and Stainless Steels as well as more exotic high temperature Nickel and Titanium alloys for Aerospace applications

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