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British Federal – Seam Welder Stronghold 80kva

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Product Description

The ‘Stronghold’ range of resistance welding machines enhances its adaptability with the seam- welding version.

The transformer is specially designed for the high duty seam welding. A machine rating of 80KVA provides the economic solution for many overlap joint welding applications.

The British Federal welding control system with software and adaptation for seam welder operation guarantees consistent weld results and reliability for which the ‘Stronghold’ name is renowned.

>   Circumferential or Longitudinal Modes.
>   Alternative Drive Systems.
>   50% Duty Cycle Encapsulated Transformer.
>   Welding Speeds Up To 3 metres per minute.
>   Water Flow Sensor as standard.
>   Closed circuity water cooling systems available.
>   C.E. Conformity.

With over 25 years of continuous development and refinement, the Stronghold concept continues to set the standard for multi-purpose resistance welding machines.

Technical specification
Nominal power @50% DC Sn kVA 80
Max short circuit power Scc kVA 145
Max welding power Smax kVA 113
Nominal supply voltage (+5%-10%) U1n Volts 415
Nominal primary current @50% I1n Amps 190
Supply frequency Hz 50
Supply phases 2
Supply capacity kVA 90
Fuse size (HRC) to BS88 Amps 200
Feed cable c.s.a<30m.run mm² 70
Max short circuit Pu current I1cc Amps 350
Nominal secondary current @50% DC 12n Amps 11,000
Max short circuit current 12cc Amps 20,000
Max welding current 12max Amps 16,000
Duty cycle for ma. Welding Xmax % 25
Number of taps 2
Secondary open circuit Volts U2o Volts 4.3/7.2
Welding speed min./max. mm/min 250/3,000
Circumferential electrode Upper/lower diameter mm 200/200
Longitudinal electrode Upper/lower diameter mm 200/125
Weld cylinder diameter mm 125
Electrode force min/max @ 5.5 bar supply kN 1.9/7.1
Electrode force min/max @ 80  p.s.i supply lbs 400/1,500
Electrode stroke max mm 76
Free air consumption per 10mm stroke 0.5
Air pressure normal bar 5.5
Air pressure max operating bar 7
Air hose connection mm 12
Cooling water min operating temp. bar 3
Cooling water consumption lit./min 20
Cooling water max inlet temp. °C/°F 36/97
Cooling water hose connection diameter mm 18
Shipping specifications Nett weight Kg 900
Gross weight Kg 1,100
Machine size mm 828W x 1,530D x 1,720H

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