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Micro Welding Machines

Micro welding machines from Prospot let you make high-quality, precision welds. Our equipment allows you to create consistent, repeatable results, ensuring a high level of joint integrity.

Micro welding machines are ideal for applications where you need to join two small parts together. Welding work occurs on a small scale using thin wires that frequently have diameters of less than 0.01mm.
Despite their small size, our specialist equipment allows welders to fuse wires with pinpoint precision using AC, MFDC or CD welding technologies with manual or air-operated weld heads.

Given their high level of precision, micro welding machines are useful in processes with tight operational tolerances, particularly those where welds must not interfere with the product’s function or quality. For instance, micro welding is common in the electronics industry – specifically for electrical joining – where operators must work on a small scale.

Prospot’s range of welding machines is suitable for multiple micro welding applications. For instance, our British Federal micro spot welders are ideal for battery production. We also offer Meritus micro weld machines that are suitable for welding thin gauge materials in stainless and mild steel. Want to learn more? Discover our full range of micro welders below.

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