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Meritus – Micro Welder

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The Meritus micro bench welding system utilises the MPW8PS AC power source which can be tapped from 8kVA to either 4kVA or 2kVA. We can fit either manual or air operated precision weld heads and also have the option of connecting single sided poke guns and seam welding attachments or TW3 tweezer welders.

The MPW8PS is an AC welding power supply and timer suitable for use with various heads. This is the most widely used power source as the design is simple, easy to use, reliable and cost effective. However the thermal efficiency is low and thermal impact on the work occurs easily and is not suited for ultra high precision welding. It is often used for welding of ferrous type materials.

Supply Voltage 240v 50Hz 16A or 13A
Rating Power 8KA – 4KA – 2KA
Weld Programmes 16
Weld Time 1 & 2 0 -99 Cycles
Current Setting 0-99%
Weld Head Any
Secondary Welding Power 120 Amps – 3000 Amps
Dimensions W1100 x D600 x H760mm + Weld Head
Weight 75Kg
Specifications MPW8PS
Supply Voltage 240v 50Hz
Rating Power 8KA – 4KA – 2KA
Weld Programmes 16
Weld Time 1 & 2 0-99 Cycles
Current Setting 0-99%
Weld Head Any
Rating Power 3800 A
Weight 40Kg
W x D x H 400 x 360 x 240mm

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