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BF WS500

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The WS500 is a high accuracy resistance welding timer intended for use in conjunction with almost any type of resistance welding machines. The user programming is very simple using a built in tactile keypad in conjunction with an back lit LCD. The timing is controlled and set in terms of one cycle increments based on the supply frequency (50 or 60 Hz). The WS500ms provides eight programs and a versatile range of functionality as shown overleaf.

The WS500 controller is designed for use in most resistance welding applications including Spot, Seam, Projection, Micro-welding and simple Automation. Because of its highly compact construction it lends itself to integration into customer control cabinets and retrofits, as well as completely self contained resistance welding control applications.

The control has a very thin profile and hence they lend themselves to door mounting. Connections to the units are plug-in, resulting in a change over time of just a few minutes.

Headline Features:
Standard features: Up to 8 Programs, single gun, double pulse weld sequence, 4 Inputs, 4 Outputs.
Welding Types: Spot, seam, projection, cross wire, multi-welders, micro-welding and simple automation.
Construction: Very compact, door mounting with plug-in two part terminal blocks.
Programmer: Built in LCD display and touch sensitive keypad.
Power Supply: Separate external power supply required, provided at extra cost 24 volts DC.