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SERRA Serratron 1B

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The Serratron 1B is one of the most modern welding controls with many advanced functions and options for controlling the welding process in one unit. Its leading features include simple operation, a well-readable graphic display with an integrated keyboard, which clearly displays the set welding parameters and facilitates their adjustment, as well as a built-in function of control and regulation of welding current. By combining these properties, you gain complete control over the output quality of welds.

Thanks to its versatility, this control can be used for most types of welding machines, from spot welders to welders to automated workplaces.

General Information:

  • 127 welding programs
  • integrated programming unit
  • electronically regulated pressure with proportional valve
  • functions: preheating, welding, annealing, start-up times
  • electrode wear compensation
  • ethernet communication bus
  • welding processes: spot welding, seam welding, chain welding

Basic Properties:

  • current control options: constant power in%, constant current in kA, monitoring (combined control)
  • possibility of compensating the welding current according to the wear of the electrodes, based on a preset curve

Accessories to order:

  • CPC ‐ CONNECT - central programming software with Ethernet connection
  • SERRA STICK - memory card for data backup

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions (W x H x D) 202 x 134 49 mm
Weight 1 kg
Working Temperature from -5 to 60° C

Electronic Characteristics:

Synchronisation voltage 20 V CA.
Network frequency 50 Hz
Power supply / power 24 VA / 12W