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Spot Welding Machines

Prospot’s linear and rocker arm spot welders facilitate resistance welding processes, providing a quality weld across sheet metal applications by applying both heat and pressure to the weld area.

Welds occur when copper alloy electrodes come into contact with the sheet surface under both pressure and current. Electron flow heats up resistive welding materials, such as low carbon steel, allowing welds to occur. Spot welds – also called resistance spot welds – have exceptional shear strength for the most demanding applications.

We have a range of spot welder brands and models. Our British Federal range includes the versatile Stronghold collection available in 75, 100 and 150kVA AC and MFDC models, the HD Compact range available in 63kVA AC and 100kVA MFDC models. We also offer the British Federal Rocker Arm Spot Welder (17 kVA and 25kVA) which are available with a choice of arm lengths and weld controls.

  • Linear and rocker arm type spot welders for resistance spot welding processes. High temperature Nickel and Titanium alloys for Aerospace applications
  • A range of consumables available, including multiple electrodes and adaptors
  • Multiple brands supplied, including British Federal, Meritus, Serra, CEA and EME
  • Customisable spot welders to deliver your operational requirements
  • Enquire now for custom machine availability

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