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CEA WS 708

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The CEA WS 708 control unit is a more advanced version of the CEA WS 402 control . It also offers simple operation and clear parameterization of the machine, which the operator operating the machine will quickly master. Compared to the WS 402 unit, it offers even more detailed setting of welding parameters such as e.g. rise and fall of welding current, pulsation, possibility to set up to 8 programs and more.

Basic Information:

  • easy welding control
  • designed for pneumatic or foot drive
  • built-in screen with buttons
  • designed for use with the LS 708 power unit
  • possibility to set 7 times and 8 welding programs

Available Features:

Function Availability
Clamping time
Heating current
Cooling time
Welding time
Welding current
Welding time (1/2 ~)
Welding time 2
Welding current 2
Pulse interval
Hold time
Repeated scoring
Number of programs 8
Power compensation
Error report
Pressure switch
End of cycle signal