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Welding Guns

Prospot offer a selection of multi functional performance welding guns including scissor (X), and C or J-type, that let welders complete work on pieces of material where the joints that need to be welded can only be accessed from one side of the material. Our Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty weld guns can be designed with multiple arm lengths and configurations.

Our welding guns, ranging from 20 to 150kVA can be supplied on suspended equipment, with a wide selection of available arms, and detached control cabinets. Reduced and balanced weight ensures high effortless production in the toughest of industrial weld applications. Sealed bearings provide easy gun rotation and flexible position selection.

Our welding guns are useful in a wide variety of applications. Production examples include automotive bodywork and repair, motor bus and rail carriage. Larger applications are found for Switchgear, tank construction, large doors, cabinets, and linings made of corrosion resistant steel. To find out more, please view our selection of high-quality welding guns from Serra, British Federal, and CEA.

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