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What is “Micro-Welding”?  At Prospot, our micro-welding range covers equipment from 500VA (0.5kVA) to 10kVA and is generally used for the welding of small precision components in a range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

For example, our PW500 portable spot weld unit has a built-in 500VA Weld Transformer and a precise digital weld control allowing welding of electronic components, jewellery and instrumentation joints in a range of materials using our CT2 Tweezers and our Spot Weld “Pens”.  The PW500’s larger brother, the MPW-8 has an 8kVA Transformer and Digital Weld Control and is widely used for spot and seam welding of stainless steel thermal blankets and other similar components using our range of tweezers, poke gun and seam weld attachments.

Our range of FW2 and FW3 Bench mounted micro-weld heads are available in a range of configurations, both manual and air operated including opposed electrode type and twin head models allowing standard direct welding as well as series and indirect welding modes for battery pack assemblies and other challenging weld projects.  These weld heads are ideally suited for connection to our range of precision power sources which include AC, MFDC and Capacitor Discharge models.